Some may have noticed that this blog was an utter mess for about two weeks. This was due to an exploited vulnerability in Wordpress leaving my blog in a state most curiously difficult to recover from. The only thing not corrupted by this hack was an SQL database dump of my blog that turned out to be inconsistent with a fresh Wordpress install.

The Wordpress support team thankfully pointed me to a number of videos explaning carefully how to move my mouse cursor from one point to another. I feel a lot more confident now with the mouse cursor. In the end, I more or less manually moved my blog to Jekyll hosted by GitHub with Disqus comments. It’s a pretty decent combination that a lot of people seem to be transitioning to.

If you ever think about starting a blog, do not go with Wordpress. If you absolutely cannot resist the temptation, by all means do not maintain your own Wordpress install.

Wordpress is slow, clunky and insecure.

I had to install updates multiple times a month and even that was evidently not enough to stay on top.

On a positive note, I appear to be on paternity leave right now—for another five weeks or so—and I hope to write a blog post or two in those moments when I’m not spending quality time with my bicycles, ehm, and my daughter, of course.

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